Frequently Asked Questions

1.  Do I need to book an appointment to visit your store?

Yes we do please ask that you book an appointment with us so we can be sure to have a private fitting area ready for you and to make sure one of us is free to help answer any questions you may have.

To book an appointment with us you can fill in our contact sheet here on our website, or send us an email or if you prefer to phone us for a chat please feel free to call us on 041 9818593.


2. Is there a charge to try on dresses?

There is no charge for appointments at The Bridal Studio.


3.  What do I need to bring with me for my bridal appointment?

We recommend that you bring one person with you that you really trust and whose opinion you value.  It is very important that your guest is there to support you and share in your happiness.

We do suggest that you wear nude underwear on the day as this is best under bridal gowns.  If you have a pair of slip on shoes roughly the heel height you plan on wearing on your wedding day bring those along with you too.


4.  What sizes do you stock in store?

We carry a large range of sizes in our gowns, they range from a size 8 to a size 26 and other sizes can also be ordered in.

5.  Will you have dresses within my budget?

Yes we will, before you visit us think about what you are hoping to spend on your wedding gown and we will make sure to show you plenty of dresses within a price range that you are comfortable with.  We also have sale dresses available which can be the perfect option if you are hoping for a bargain.

6.  Can I wear false tan to my appointment?

No, we please ask you not to wear any false tan to your appointment as we try our very best to protect our dresses and keep them in the best possible condition for all of our brides.  Unfortunately your appointment may have to be postponed in the event of any tan transferring onto the fabrics of the gowns.

7.  How many guests can I bring with me to my appointment?

At the moment we ask that you bring a maximum of two guests with you to your appointment.  However sometimes, depending on the day, it is possible to accommodate more than 2 guests.  Just let us know and we will do our best to offer you a day and time that works.

8.  When should I begin shopping for my wedding dress?

This is a very personal decision and really comes down to the type of bride you are.  Most brides begin shopping 12 to 18 months in advance of their wedding date however some brides prefer to be more organised than this and others prefer to do it very close to the wear date and are open to buying off the rail.
The most important thing is to know you are ready and open to finding your dress because styles change all the time and may not always be available at a future date.  It’s very exciting trying on dresses and when you find THE ONE you want to be able to celebrate.

More than just a dress - with The Bridal Studio it’s an experience.

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